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Supplier Signup

We are seeking Suppliers as partners to fulfil ski adventures. Our goal is to recommend the best options to complement a ski trip, and we need your contribution.

Supplier Benefits

  • SkiDreamz as your partner focused on selling your products and services through intelligent digital marketing
  • no upfront investment to access leading digital marketing, IT and ski industry expertise
  • pinpoint marketing to skier specific demographics, collected through various interaction behaviour and volunteered data through free Apps
  • cross-selling referrals to your offerings when skier engaged in relevant browsing and shopping
  • take advantage of opaque pricing to fill excess capacity at discounted prices (using mystery deals, best bid, waitlist)
  • integration of online sales tools into own site without upfront investment or it skills
  • shared external marketing spend opportunities


  • Free Listing: supplier listing, offers and deals in various locations and resorts, links to own site, analytics
  • Advertising: premium placement and recommendation of your company, listings and deals
  • Online Agent: online sales portal, various methods of purchase, complimentary premium advertising

Free Supplier Listing

Start with our free listing to promote your company and offers. Our free listing provides an online catalogue, and links through to your site.

To receive a supplier pack and register your interest in the free supplier listing, complete the form below:

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